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  • What sort of videos do you offer?
    We offer a full-length ceremony video and full-length toast video captured from multiple camera angles, as well as what we like to call a highlight trailer, which is a 6 – 10 minute video covering all the most meaningful moments of your wedding day. We also offer pre or post wedding shoots to be incorporated into your highlight trailer.
  • What is your videography style?
    We primarily create cinematic style videos, which are generally 5-7-minute story videos that incorporate the most memorable moments throughout your special day with music and audio overlaid (usually vows or speeches). This type of video is more cinematic than the traditional documentary style wedding video. You can watch a few of our wedding videos here.
  • Will the wedding videographer get in the way or annoy our guests?
    We will do everything we can to be unobtrusive on your wedding day and will always be respectful of you and your wedding guests. However, there may be times in which we will need to provide some direction throughout the day (similar to a photographer) in order to make sure we capture everything in the best possible way.
  • What is your philosophy when it comes to wedding videography?
    We are here for YOU. One of the things David and I appreciated the most about our own wedding videographer and photographers was their constant thoughtfulness and care for us on our wedding day. They were there to serve, and it made all the difference! We want to do the same for you. Our goal is to make things go as smoothly and easily as possible, keeping the focus on you and your special day, rather than on always getting the perfect shot at any cost. We also work to capture all those moments you may miss so you can re-live your day and experience even more than you did the first time.
  • How long will it take to receive my edited wedding video(s)?
    You can expect to receive your wedding videos within 8 weeks after your wedding day.
  • How will we receive our wedding film?
    You will receive all your final wedding films via private, online digital delivery. You will be free to share and distribute your wedding highlight video with the world and may post or distribute it anywhere.
  • Do you use a drone?
    Yes! We are licensed, highly skilled, and experienced at flying a drone. We will capture aerial footage on your wedding day so long as the weather and location permit us to. Our pilot will determine if it is safe to do so. We only fly before and after the ceremony and will not be a distraction to your guests.
  • What do you do for audio?
    Capturing good audio is SO important. That’s why we record from multiple audio sources at once to ensure that your audio will be high quality. We usually record directly from the soundboard, as well as use wireless LAV mics to capture the ceremony audio as a backup. You can rest assured that your video’s audio will sounds fantastic.
  • Is all your equipment insured?
  • What do you do for wedding video music?
    We will consult you and learn about your music tastes/desires for your wedding film. Then we will find and purchase the license to a track that is free of copyright limitations. This price will be included in your package.
  • What is your planning process?
    First, we like to meet with you so we can get to know you, and vice versa! We will discuss your special day and talk about your vision for your wedding video(s). This is very informal—usually at a coffee shop or even the venue, if its nearby. If you’re too far away, we are always happy to Skype or FaceTime! As it nears your wedding day, we will meet with you again in order to discuss more specifics such as the day-of schedule and any other important details.
Bride and groom in a wedding video
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